Reducing build/test latency

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=6" enables parallel build.

PARALLEL=6 enables parallel running of tests in the test suite.

DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="no-javahl no-ruby" disables building parts that might not be relevant.

To summarize:

  export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=6 no-javahl no-ruby"
  export PARALLEL=6   # For running tests in parallel

To isolate specific tests:

  # Run a C test
  make -C BUILD/ check PARALLEL=6 TESTS=subversion/tests/libsvn_subr/dirent_uri-test
  # Run a Python test
  make -C BUILD/ check PARALLEL=4 TESTS=subversion/tests/cmdline/


Some tests require svnserve to be available, and are skipped by default. There is a separate make target svnserveautocheck, working the same as check, that does the setup automatically to run the test suite.

Test results

Test restuls are stored in BUILD/tests.log.

Note that if one looks at tests.log in a successful build, there are about 45 tests marked as XFAIL. If you feel like a patch broke a lot of tests, compare the results against a clean build of the unpached package.

Test suite documentation

Further documentation of the test suite can be found in subversion/tests/cmdline/README