Test Suite

The upstream test suite is available in the source directory:

To kickstart the tests. You might need

apt install python-pip python-psutil  

PS: I have installed salt-x on same machine itself. So some run time depends have already satisfied

pip install git+https://github.com/saltstack/salt-testing.git#egg=SaltTesting

cd <source_directory> && python setup.py test

Smoke test

Testing with master and minion on the same machine

sudo service salt-master start && sudo service salt-minion restart

salt-key -L
Accepted Keys:
Unaccepted Keys:
Rejected Keys:

salt-key -a 'your_minion_key'

smoketest 1,2

salt 'minion_name' network.ip_addrs

salt 'minion' test.ping

Simple Salt formula

Place following yaml file in /srv/salt. By default ( /etc/salt/master/) /srv/salt/ is one of the base.

vi /srv/salt/webserver.sls

    - installed
    - pkgs:
      - apache2
      - php
      - php-mysql

To test,

salt 'minion_name' state.sls webserver