Lots of errors/incomplete/skipped even with the upstream source, lots of deprecation warnings. The unit tests quickly halts on Debian's patched codebase due to removing bundled libraries and getFilePath()/CVE-2016-6621.

The Selenium tests can be run from the upstream phpmyadmin source while targetting a Debian install. The testsuite recommends compiling and installing PECL runkit for additional tests, but it makes it crash/halt. It is not entirely stable, here are 2 full runs on +deb8u4:

Tests: 2192, Assertions: 4800, Failures: 4, Errors: 120, Incomplete: 9, Skipped: 93.
Tests: 2192, Assertions: 4798, Failures: 4, Errors: 122, Incomplete: 8, Skipped: 93.


Tests: 2192, Assertions: 4802, Failures: 4, Errors: 120, Incomplete: 9, Skipped: 91.
Tests: 2192, Assertions: 4802, Failures: 4, Errors: 120, Incomplete: 9, Skipped: 91.

(most of the Errors are actually PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::assertTag is deprecated)

That's still an indicator on whether an update significantly broke something :)

Install instructions:

apt install phpunit-selenium ant php5-gd php5-gmp
mkdir -p /usr/share/selenium/
# using the latest selenium 2.x (didn't try 3.x)
wget -c \
     -O /usr/share/selenium/selenium-server.jar

# Needs old Firefox 58 (not 60) otherwise Selenium can't install its extension
cat <<'EOF' > firefox.SUMS
201f76fa345cd54549277e8a851eb8e240128100f43cd59161822154a12ddb7d  firefox-esr_52.8.1esr-1~deb8u1_amd64.deb
1557cdbabd350380cf864fd0c8b21f51bcb77f9b738a22c62ff5a1a0c27d70c5  firefox-esr-l10n-fr_52.8.1esr-1~deb8u1_all.deb
sha256sum -c firefox.SUMS
apt install libjsoncpp0
dpkg -i *.deb

# In a graphical session (possibly disable the screen saver):
java -jar /usr/share/selenium/selenium-server.jar


# additional selenium tests (headers) require runkit
# well drop that - actually that make the non-selenium testsuite crash...
apt install php5-dev
tar xzf runkit-1.0.4.tgz
cd runkit-1.0.4/
make test
make install
cat <<'EOF' > /etc/php5/mods-available/runkit.ini
#php5enmod runkit


git clone
cd phpmyadmin/
git checkout RELEASE_4_2_12
# Note: build.xml => phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml.dist => test/bootstrap-dist.php
edit test/bootstrap-dist.php:
#    'TESTSUITE_PASSWORD' => 'mysql_root_password',


You should see browser windows popping in and out. Takes ~10mn per run.

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