Other long-term branches

When checking your triage and backports, you can compare your work to other non-official branches:

Default test suite

The test suite is run on build, unfortunately it has many errors and its failure doesn't stop the build.

Interestingly TEST_PHP_CGI_EXECUTABLE has been set to an incorrect path for years 991008, resulting in many additional errors.

It is recommended to compare test-results.txt after stripping a few build-specific details:

sed -e 's|TEST [0-9]\+/[0-9]\+|TEST x/x|' -e "s|$(pwd)|/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>|g" test-results.txt > test-results.txt2
diff -u .../previous-rebuild/test-results.txt2 test-results.txt2 | less

Run a single test

(after a first debuild)

# quilt pop/push...
make -C cli-build/ && make -C ext-build/
cli-build/sapi/cli/php ./run-tests.php -P -n ext/filter/tests/
cli-build/sapi/cli/php ./run-tests.php -P -n -d extension_dir=ext-build/modules/ -d extension=soap.so ext/soap/tests/bug80672.phpt

More environment variables / options may need to be set, see debian/rules:test-results.txt.


The test suite does not run by default due to the separate builds directory in the Debian build.

su - non-root-user
fpm-build/sapi/cli/php ./run-tests.php -P -n sapi/fpm/tests/


make -C cli-build/ && make -C apache2-build/
cli-build/sapi/cli/php ./run-tests.php -P -n -d extension_dir=apache2-build/modules/ -d extension=pdo.so -d extension=interbase.so -d extension=pdo_firebird.so ext/pdo_firebird/tests/bug_47415.phpt