Test suite

The test suite is run on build using make check, with results in IlmImfTest/test-suite.log.

To run a specific test:

cd IlmImfTest/
./IlmImfTest testCompression

IlmImfTest is rebuilt when running the top-level make, no need to rebuild it separately after modifying the code.


Latest vulnerabilities are commonly found through the oss-fuzz project, which involves new internal functions, not yet available in stretch.

However the test cases are valid OpenEXR images that can be downloaded and run through openexr's standard CLI utilities.

So you can usually reproduce the issues with an asan/ubsan-enabled build, e.g.:

exrmakepreview poc /dev/null
exrmaketiled poc /dev/null


cd openexr-x.x/
find -name "*.exr" | while read f; do convert $f ../$(basename $f).png; done
geeqie ../*.png

Note: when built with AddressSanitizer, this test Aborts, rebuild openexr normally first.