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The package comes with a testsuite that is disabled by default.

With a few fixes I'll work:

Prepare MySQL server:

If you need to investigate a stuck/long test:

        <junit printsummary="yes"
         showoutput="yes" enabletestlistenerevents="true"

Additional build dependencies:

apt-get install libjboss-connector-java  # or grab from wheezy
cp -a /usr/share/java/junit-3.8.2.jar lib/
cp -a /usr/share/java/jboss-connector-4.2.3.GA.jar lib/

Old RefFSContextFactory JNDI class that isn't bundled anymore, for testsuite.simple.DataSourceTest,testsuite.regression.DataSourceRegressionTest:

Prepare environment:

quilt push -a

Run the testsuite:

ant \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.jdk5.javac=$JAVA_HOME/bin/javac \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.jdk8.javac=$JAVA_HOME/bin/javac \
  -Dsnapshot.version= \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.extra.libs=lib \ \ \ \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.url='jdbc:mysql://localhost/testDB?user=root&password=root&serverTimezone=UTC' \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.testsuite.jvm=$JAVA_HOME \$JAVA_HOME/bin/java \$JAVA_HOME/bin/java \$JAVA_HOME/bin/java \
  -Dcom.mysql.jdbc.noCleanBetweenCompiles=true \
  compile-testsuite test

To select specific tests:

-Dtest=testsuite.simple.ConnectionTest -Dmethods=testCacheDefaultTimezone 

The test suite should run in ~15mn.

There are some errors, make sure there are no more than in the previous upload.

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