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== Importing upstream == == Working notes ==
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Example command: {{{ These are tested commands that fit the setup for this package.

Import upstream: {{{
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Build source package: {{{
gbp buildpackage -d -S --git-debian-branch=debian/stretch --git-pristine-tar

Maintained at https://salsa.debian.org/lts-team/packages/ffmpeg which also has CI set up

Upstream is making security releases also for old versions as we have in Stretch: security updates will be mostly new upstream releases.

On update, check existing Debian-specific patches:

  • remove those that have been adopted upstream
  • send the remaining ones to Michael Niedermayer michael AT niedermayer cc, to vet their inclusion

For new upstream releases, use 7:3.2.…-0+deb9u1 as version number: note the zero.

See also: LTS/TestSuites/libav (ffmpeg fork)

Working notes

These are tested commands that fit the setup for this package.

Import upstream:

gbp import-orig --uscan --debian-branch=debian/stretch --pristine-tar  --upstream-version=3.2.18

Build source package:

gbp buildpackage -d -S --git-debian-branch=debian/stretch --git-pristine-tar

Smoke testing

The upstream release undergo the various tests, so they already cover quite some ground.

One good possible test case if mpv, which is operating closely on libavcodec functions, so if one can play a few random files off the internet with mpv and the newly built ffmpeg packages, it should be fine testing-wise.

https://peach.blender.org/ provides files in various video formats (e.g. https://download.blender.org/peach/bigbuckbunny_movies/ )