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Funding the Debian LTS project

While the Debian LTS team is organized much like any other team in Debian, and is thus welcoming help from everybody, we also wanted to offer a way for companies to support the project when they have no employees that have the skills needed to contribute to the LTS effort.

More concretely we wanted to make it easy for companies to contribute with money by hiring Debian contributors that would then provide security updates like any other contributor of the team.

That's why multiple Debian developers got together and setup a Debian LTS sponsorship offer under the Freexian umbrella. Freexian is just an intermediary company (owned by Debian developer Raphaël Hertzog) collecting money from sponsors, dispatching the corresponding work hours to Debian contributors, and paying them when the work has been done (and when they have published the corresponding report).

In the end, the following people are available for hire to work on Debian LTS:

Some of the Debian consultants may also be available for hire to work on Debian LTS.