Dependency based boot sequence

It is possible to converting Debian to order the boot sequence using the LSB headers in the init.d scripts. This will get rid of several bugs in the current boot sequence, and make it easier to keep the sequence correct.

This page is created to keep track of the state of this feature, to make it easier to coordinate an effort to implement it for Debian Lenny. It is [ proposed as a release goal] for Lenny.

A number of [ bug reports] are submitted to request LSB headers in init.d scripts.


packages with init.d scripts


packages without LSB headers

[ 373]

base packages without LSB headers

2 of 40

desktop packages without LSB headers

6 of 58

The number of packages with init.d scripts was counted using apt-file search etc/init.d|cut -d: -f1|sort -u|wc -l in Debian/Sid.

To enable dependency based boot, the insserv package can be used.

At debconf7, Petter Reinholdtsen gave a [ talk] about the dependency based boot system.