libjpeg-turbo transition

Package describing IJG (International Jpeg Group) to LJT (libjpeg-turbo) JPEG library transition.

Packages that need manual intervention


Dear maintainer(s),

Debian is transitioning from IJG JPEG library (src:libjpeg8) to
libjpeg-turbo implementation (src:libjpeg-turbo)[1] of libjpeg62 API
with "decode from memory buffer" interface (jpeg_mem_{src,dest}).

Your package cannot be transitioned automatically as it explicitly
build depends on specific API/ABI (libjpeg8-dev) and this build
dependency needs to be changed to libjpeg-dev.  In most if not all
cases this should be sufficient to build against libjpeg-turbo.

I am in process of testing each package in question to compile against
libjpeg-turbo and I will provide a suitable patch for each package
when I will succeed.

On the other hand please note that the winter^Wfreeze is coming and
if your package is not updated in due time it might be NMUed by the
release team (or by me with the full ack of release team).

That also means that if you are OK with NMU then please respond to
this bug report and I will prepare and upload the recompiled packages
for you.


1. The full Technical Committee decision can be found here: