When you want to translate the debconf questions of a package you should execute the following steps:

1) Check on http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/nl for an untranslated package.

Note that:

contact the previous translator first (it is not a good idea to just hijack a translation).

2) Check on dutch.debian.net if a translation is ongoing or not yet uploaded (i.e. is listed as ITT/RFR/LCFC/BTS/DONE), if so pick something else to translate.

3) Send an ITT message to the language-list (debian-l10n-dutch@lists.debian.org) to indicate to others that you are going to translate that packages questions.

4) translate the en.pot file (which can be got from http://www.debian.rg/intl/l10n/po-debonf/pot, or the source package (which you can get with apt-get source <package-name>

5) send the translated po file to the list for review as a RFR message, and give at least several days time for review (or untill discussion dies out)

6) incorporate reviewers comments improving your translation, and send the new and improved version to the language-list as an LCFC message, give some time for people to weigh in with last comments

7) send the translation to package maintainer as a wishlist bugreport tagged both patch and l10n (important, otherwise they can get lost), en with [INTL:nl] in the subject. It is a good idea to mention that this was reviewd by debian-l10n-dutch, and that the maintainer can contact you if the file needs updating.

8) send a BTS message to the <l10n@famdijkstra.org> (the bot maintaining the status page) to have it automatically keep track of the bug report status and thus keep everyone posted on what the current status is.