The correct diacritics for Romanian include (among others) the unicode codepoints 0x0218 (ț), 0x0219 (Ț), 0x021A (ș) and 0x021B (Ș) (t/T comma and s/S comma characters). Currently people are using some incorrect replacements t/T cedilla (ţŢ) and s/S cedilla (şŞ) instead.

Since the usage of the correct diacritics has been legislated in Romania and since we strive for correct Romanian we intend to switch the Debian distribution to use the correct diacritics. We are starting with the Debian Installer which is a good test bed for this since is an isolated environment (has no impact on interoperability and is entirely a Debian project).

This page focuses on the transition to use only correct t/T/s/S comma (țȚșȘ) characters in Romanian translations in the Debian distribution.


In order to facilitate the conversion and checking of the correct usage, Eddy Petrișor created msgdiacr, part of the msgextras project.

The syntax is:

 msgdiacr [-c] fișier1 [fișier2 [...]]  

Where -c will command the conversion of the input file to use the correct diacritics (a backup of the original file will be made).


Correct diacritics for Romanian include the problematic t/T comma and s/S comma characters (unicode points 0x0218, 0x0219, 0x021A, 0x021B).







Future plans

The transition will not be done before the release of Etch. Main reason for this is the big number of packages and current translations that still use the incorrect codepoints.

The next release, Lenny, will be using correct diacritics, while incorrect ones will be tolerated, although correct ones are preferred.