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GPG key: [[]https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jemadux/jemadux.github.io/master/jemadux.asc] GPG key: [[https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jemadux/jemadux.github.io/master/jemadux.asc|BA5B 55FC FFE3 6665 0A07 C6AB 35F1 DB48 C0BC 39EF]]

Klearchos-Angelos Gkountras

Hello World , My name is Klearchos - Angelos Gkountras and I am living now at Thessaloniki Greece .

FYI Klearchos Angelos is my fist names you can call me with only u desire

Email: <jemadux AT SPAMFREE cryptolab DOT net> GPG key: BA5B 55FC FFE3 6665 0A07 C6AB 35F1 DB48 C0BC 39EF

  • IRC: jemadux, at OFTC and Freenode. XMPP jemadux [at] cryptolab dot net