ngspice (re)packaging

NGspice is packaged related to license issues for non-free. This site should track the needed steps to move all free parts of ngspice into main.

Packaging Notes

All files of ngspice that have not declared a specific license are licensed under the new BSD (BSD-3-clause) license since release 27. The FAQ for NGspice got updated on this and state the recent license situation in point 1.5 Legal issues, please see the FAQ on the website fromNGspice for the current version. The old FAQ from release 26 is visible on

To clear the licenses of the source files for NGSpice 27 upstream was asked about the probably non DFSG licensed parts. Based on the answers the following table was created.

Relationship of source files and DFSG state






additions for Spice3f5

LGPL-2, GPL-2, GPL-2+, BSD-3-clause

(./) yes


manual and documentation


{X} No


various generated simulation files

new BSD

(./) yes


man pages

new BSD

(./) yes


Cider based simulation


{X} No, the folder(s) doesn't contain any info about that license, upstream suggested to removing this and build with '--disable-cider'. (removed while repacking)



ECL 1.0

{X} No


simulation of NXP parts


{X} No

This means, NGSpice 27 for targeted Debian main will come without documentation and support for cider and without some spice simulation files (adms simulation files).

Additional information

Old discussion about license changes for ngspice