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Debian OpenPGP Signing Coordination

The key signing coordination pages are intended as a service to people who wish to get involved with the Debian Project, and to Debian members who are not yet connected to the web of trust.

Having your OpenPGP key signed by a Debian member is the preferred way of proving your identity in the second step of the New Maintainer process.

get your key signed

Follow these steps in order to find a Debian member to sign your key:

  1. Check the list of key signing offers for a Debian member near you.

  2. If you cannot find a Debian member among the key signing offers, please register your key signing request.

Debian Developers can be met at Debian events and at other locations. If you join them, hopefully, you can get your public key signed there.

You might also care to glance at the list of Debian Maintainers offering signatures. They carry less weight, but their keys already hold the signature of at least one Developer and might help you to get started.

offering keysigning

If you are already a Debian Developer and wish to offer keysigning to others