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= Ketchup, Automatic Linux Kernel Patching =
Matt Mackall, maintainer of the tiny patchset, announced version 0.7 of his Ketchup script. Written in Python, the script automates the process of patching from one version of the Linux kernel to another. It caches the various patches, only downloading what's required to get you to the version you specify, also automatically verifying the kernel's OpenPGP signature.

Matt's handy script supports both the 2.4 and the 2.6 mainline kernels, as well as the mm, tiny and mjb patchsets. You can specify a specific version, or simply ask it to patch you up to the latest. For example, to get the latest official 2.6 release source, you would type, ketchup 2.6. To get the latest 2.6-pre or -rc, you would simply type ketchup 2.6-pre. To be completely up to date, getting the latest snapshot (including -bk snapshots), you can type, ketchup 2.6-tip.

Read on for Matt's announcement, as well as a few of my own examples demonstrating this handy script in action.

 * Kerneltrap article : http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/2976