I'm Keegan Quinn. I'm a Debian hacker, developer-wannabe and professional programmer. I was born March 29th, 1984 and live in Portland, Oregon.

Note: I'm new to this wiki and have probably missed out on any number of opportunities to use wiki links. Feel free to correct.


I've been using Debian heavily since the late 90s, including large deployments at corporations and non-profit organizations. I once made the original icecast2 and libshout packages which are still in Debian today. I also maintain a number of backports to stable and various deployment-specific metapackages.

I will hopefully be able to post some backport information here in the future: most notably I have a working lighttpd backport which I use regularly. Contact me (info via the weblog link above) if you are interested before I get around to posting it.

I also maintain a technical operations manual regarding production Debian servers which some may find useful: http://beast.sniz.org

For years I have been interested in becoming a Debian developer, and at one point I went so far as driving up to Seattle with my girlfriend to meet mako for an attempt at exchanging GPG signatures. My laptop battery died that day, and I didn't have a copy of my public key fingerprint offline, so I never did end up getting a signature.