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These are available with a simple [[apt-get]] or [[aptitude]] install. == See also ==
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== See also ==

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Multimedia Players for KDE

A standard Debian KDE installation will include two software packages for watching videos and listening to music, dragonplayer and juk respectively. However, you may have noticed other KDE distributions ship with additional multimedia players that are available in Debian but are not part of the official KDE release and are not included in these selections.

The following are all the KDE multimedia players available for Debian that you might be interested in:

  • juk - A traditional music player and music management software that lets you import your collection, import playlists, automatically guess tag information for your files, bulk-rename files based on tags, and manually create and edit tags.

  • dragonplayer - A very simple video player that remembers your place, automatically loads subtitles, and lets you tweak the video display settings on the fly.

  • elisa - A modern, beautiful, and simple music player that automatically finds your music and does not require any configuration for you to start listening. Available in Debian 11/Bullseye and newer.

  • kaffeine - An advanced media player that has excellent support for digital TV, DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, and custom playlists.

  • kmplayer - A powerful frontend for MPlayer, KMPlayer has many preset bookmarks for online streaming stations, is capable of broadcasting itself, can record and locally save whatever you watch, and is very configurable.

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