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To be improved/updated.

****develop platform in lenny: we are shipping all this or nothing

kdelibs4 kdepimlibs kdebase-runtime

very optinally: kdebindings

****meta-packages for kde4:

kde4-development: will include libs, pimlibs, -runtime and a Suggests on kdebindings

kde4-minimal: libs, pimlibs, kdebase*3

kde4: this would be like the kde-desktop task, it will be: minimal and xserver, and some important applications like amarok, k3b and kaffeine.. etc to be discussed what applications exactly Everything and not bindings, basically extragear-plasma as well

we are keeping kdebase, kdeedu, etc we are going to merge kdebase-runtime with kdebase-runtime-bin and we'll keep pimlibs and libs how they are now

****meta-packages for kde3:

we are killing kde-extras and kde-amusements

kde will get added xserver and maybe a media player, we have to study remove some apps like noatun and kboodledude*

kde-core remains as it is now

**** possible packages improvements presubjs: one in kdelibs

manpages? we do not care, find out why the manpages are not being built

menu files: TODO (sune's script)

lintian overrides: ana is going to add them

**configuration migration: while the packages are in experimental keep .kde4, when the packages are going to be uploaded to unstable then look at moving this to .kde and make a test to detect possible problems, can we expect upstream do this? :))

****bug handling: before kde4 is released, close the bugs of applications (not the packaging ones) then try to forward the bugs to upstream at the rythm we get the bugs. And try to develop a script or whatever to make easier forward bugs to kde bugzila (look at kbugbuster for ideas)

***cmake classes: start using cdbs's one, try to get cdbs's cmake.mk updated when we improve/add stuff