ToDo for KDE Debian bug day 19th April 2009


The task is quite simple. Many bugs are reported against KDE in Debian that should be filed at, because it is bugs in KDE that the KDE developers should fix.

At the same time, we also just migrated from KDE 3 to KDE 4, and a lot of bugs is not valid any more, especially crash bugs.

All in all, this needs to be weeded out.

Step by Step

Debian Bug Tracking System

The Debian bts has no accounts and is manipulated through email. In the following, nnnn should be replaced by the bug number.

Contacting the submitter

If you want to email the submitter of a bug, write a email to with your questions. The mail get stored in the bug log, sent to the submitter, but *not* sent to the maintainer.

Quite often, you want to email both the maintainer and the submitter. The bug tracking system is doing things right with duplicates.

Contacting the maintainer

If you want to email the maintainer, write a email to with your comments. The mail gets stored in the bug log and sent to the maintainer, but *not* sent to the submitter.

Quite often, you want to email both the maintainer and the submitter. The bug tracking system is doing things right with duplicates.

Closing bugs

Bugs can either be versioned closed or unversioned closed. Versioned closed bugs is when the bug required source changes to be fixed. Unversioned is for "other kinds of bugs"

Bugs are closed by sending a email to with a short message explaining that the bug is closed and why. The submitter gets this message.

If the first line of a bug closing email is

Version: 4:4.2.2-1

The bug will be marked as closed from that version on. For the 19th april bugwork, this version is good to use if it is fixed in KDE 4.2.2 release.

Manipulating bugs

A mail sent to gets its lines parsed until the word "thanks" on a line is found. There is different commands that gets executed depending on the lines until "thanks" appears.

The most used commands on a bug triaging day will be:

""Forwarding"" is if a bug is a "upstream" bug and reported at the BTS, also if you just have reported it

forwarded nnnn

""Tagging"" is to categorize bugs. For example if you can't reproduce and asks the submitter for more information

tag nnnn +unreproducible moreinfo

There is more tags to be around, confirmed is another much used tag

tag nnnn +confirmed

For more advanced bug handling, ask, or read on


Depending on the bug and wether it is possible to easy reproduce it, there is several possibilities


Is it a packaging bug, like misssing dependencies, installation issues or related to package descriptions? Tag it "confirmed" Is it not a packaging bug? Report it at and mark it "forwarded"

Bugs fixed in unreleased versions of KDE

If the bug is fixed in versions of KDE not yet released (in svn trunk or svn branches), please tag it "fixed-upstream" and in the message body, write what version the fix is to be in (as of writing, fixes in trunk is fixed in 4.3, fixes in branch is fixed in 4.2.3)

Impossible to reproduce

If the bug does not contain enough instructions on how to reproduce, ask the submitter and tag moreinfo unreproducible