Upgrading from Debian 8 "Jessie" to Debian 9 "Stretch" brings in the new Plasma Workspaces 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 applications.

The upgrade is far from painless; new libraries with different configuration tools are used and most configuration moves from ~/.kde to ~/.config or ~/.local. Many applications make no attempt to import their old settings.

This page seeks to document what works and what does not. As a general rule, start off with the expectation that Plasma 4 and 5 are completely different pieces of software and that nothing from your existing settings will be carried across. That way, you will only be pleasantly surprised when the occasional setting actually does carry across.


Plasma workspace



How to Migrate from Kwallet 4 to Kwallet 5 Manually

NOTE: The following tutorial assumes the user has basic knowledge of the command line, process control and filesystem navigation.

  1. Kill all instances of kwalletd and kwalletd5
  2. Open your editor of choice and navigate to the file:
    • ~/.config/kwalletrc 

  3. Find the value  alreadyMigrated=true 

  4. Change it to  alreadyMigrated=false 

  5. Save changes and exit
  6. Restart kwalletd and kwalletd5
  7. You will be prompted to enter the password for your old wallet and for your new wallet
  8. Wait until the migration completes
  9. Kwallet is now integrated with PAM, so it shouldn't be nessescary to enter your password at login any more.







Telepathy IM


Other unported applications

Examples: Okular, Kile

Clean up

Following the migration there is presumably a pile of stuff left in ~/.kde that can be cleaned up.

FIXME: enumerate what can (and can't) be deleted.