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This page lists what is included in DebianJr.

  • Each package name has been made into a WikiName in what I hope is an obvious way. See JrWikiNames for details.

  • First, there are some packages that are not meta packages. Currently, we just have JuniorDoc, but a JuniorCommon package is planned.

  • The remaining packages, which make up the bulk of our package offerings, are meta packages, which themselves contain nothing but dependencies on other packages.
  • Within each meta package node, we list the packages themselves. Note that some packages may be included in more than one meta package. Here we document things important to the project about the package, such as why the it is suitable for inclusion, and what problems or limitations it may have.
  • All package pages also cross-reference bug reports and other resources relevant to the package.

So, without further ado, the meta packages: