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See also:

 * Package info: DebianPackage:xpilot-ng DebianPackage:xpilot-ng-client-sdl DebianPackage:xpilot-ng-client-x11 DebianPackage:xpilot-ng-server
 * Bugs: DebianBug:xpilot-ng DebianBug:xpilot-ng-client-sdl DebianBug:xpilot-ng-client-x11 DebianBug:xpilot-ng-server

My eight year old boy has been playing this since he was five. The older girls enjoy it two (now ages ten and twelve). It is played either with keys or a combination of keys and mouse, so it really is best suited to ages eight and up because of the complexity of the controls, though younger children can still enjoy it.

As with other networked games, it supports chat, so you'll want to supervise, watching what other players are saying, and perhaps restrict play to the local network, or to a server that is not announced to the meta server (i.e., started with +reportMeta) and with only people you trust invited to play.

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