Hey I'm José Bernardo Gutiérrez Araujo, currently live in Cali - Valle (Colombia). I'm 26 years old, I love reading, music, film, theater and explore new alternatives in free software. I use Debian, Ubuntu but also I have knowledge of others distributions Gnu/Linux, I am also free software promoter in my city, providing an opportunity for new people to learn about the fascinating world of Gnu/Linux and free software in general.

Contact Information



{*} Launchpad: jose.gutierrez

{*} JoseGutierrez on

Personal goals

  1. Learning every day of my life of GNU / Linux and especially Debian
  2. Share everything from Linux to others
  3. Participating in the Debian Community, in order to spread this wonderful operating system, and generally spread Everything about FREE SOFTWARE


  1. Spread the use of Debian as the operating system 100% free, everywhere.
  2. Participant Flisol 2011 in Cali
  3. Participant Software Freedom Day 2011 in Cali
  4. Participant Flisol 2012 in Cali
  5. Participant Software Freedom Day 2012 in Cali

What I'd do

  1. I want to graduate and, though my university does not support me and giving me back my graduation project, as always Foundation Catholic University Lumen Gentium, is limited to the ordinary and usual, they never allow students to explore new alternative and less themed so different and not the entire student has knowledge and opportunity to meet as it is free software, and by it he wanted to have the initiative as a graduation project, and continue to fight for the university aware , that placing limits to knowledge is not good, they must be themselves and academic community, open to change for better vocational training and education for all students.
  2. I further encourage all people I know and I have the opportunity to learn in the course of life, the use of Linux, especially one of such modern distributions such as Ubuntu.
  3. I would like to personally meet Mr. Richard Stallman, to awaken in me, and thousands of people ... The Free Software ... build a free society, and let us know and participate actively in various communities and work teams who are looking for Free Software, the best thing for humanity.