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 * GPG Key: 2234 1961 FF53 036C 5A29 C485 D2E4 67D1 A5B7 6580  * GPG Key: 22341961FF53036C5A29C485D2E467D1A5B76580

Jose Gatica Altamirano

Hi, I'm José Gatica. I live in Valdivia-Chile. I'm studying System Sciences while I work as a web developer and GNU/Linux Speaker. I use Debian as my principal OS, and want to help everyone to come in and stay in Debian.

  • Website: https://www.parrotsec-es.org/

  • Email: <josegatica@parrotsec.org>

  • GPG Key: 22341961FF53036C5A29C485D2E467D1A5B76580
  • IRC: josegatica - irc.oftc.net channel #debian #debian-mentors #debian-cl #debian-www