About Jorge Peixoto

I am a Catholic Brazilian IT analyst. I am interested in free/libre software, politics, computing (specially Debian and GNU -- particularly Guix and Emacs) and math.

I am a free software activist with GNU/Linux experience. Since about 2002 I have used Debian, Kurumim, Gentoo and Ubuntu. A couple years ago I returned to Debian from Ubuntu, motivated by Debian's superior commitment to free software and technical excellence. I have read a significant amount of material about Debian, GNU and free software.

I love free software. In a society that depends so much on computing, free software is very important to fight concentration of power and to bring real progress. And I generally prefer copyleft licenses over permissive ones. I am slowly adopting a stronger commitment to free software, having already migrated from Ubuntu to Debian and from Gmail to Disroot, as well as deleting my F*k and What-a-Crapp accounts.