This is a list of things I intend to do for Debian and the Debian Perl Project. This page will be used to keep track of various ongoing tasks I am undertaking.


As they say, "build one to throw away." After having worked extensively on libdebctrl last year for Google Summer of Code, I'm ready to tackle the problem again in a different language, hopefully having learned from my first implementation. It got really complex because I was trying to implement objects while sticking to Pure C, which wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be, but also wasn't great. It also didn't properly support Unicode and other great stuff.

So, this summer, I'm working on rewriting libdebctrl in C using GLib and GObject to provide OOP support. It will use Vala as a source language (which is later compiled into C for use).

Perl Packaging Work

Package Description Cleanups

These are regularly mentioned by Rhonda and mentioned on IRC, we will drop them here for now so they won't get forgotten: