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=== Other use === === Network use ===

Jonas Smedegaard


Jonas Smedegaard is a freelance systems administrator and developer working with resource sharing within and between organisations, mostly schools and NGOs, trying to design systems that are both intuitive to use, strictly based on open standards and purely built from Free Software.

Involvement in Debian

Jonas has been an official Debian developer since 2001, and is involved in multiple packaging teams, including...

  • ghostscript - postscript interpreter and key part of many Free Software printing systems
  • MoinMoin - the wiki engine used at e.g. http://wiki.debian.org/

  • Sugar - the X11 desktop initially developed for OLPC XO's a.k.a. "$100 laptops"

  • cdbs - framework for building Debian DPKG packages
  • Debian Pure Blends - infrastructure for 100% Debian-internal "subdistributions"
  • Skolelinux a.k.a. Debian-Edu - simplified Debian installations for school networks

See also the full package list, personal homepage and various web-based visualizations of his FOAF file.

Use of Debian

Inspired by Giulio Paci, here are some hilights of Debian packages in use...

Personal use

Used on personal hosts:

mc awesome rxvt-unicode-lite aptitude mutt t-prot notmuch-mutt offlineimap gnupg git pidgin unbound
mplayer htop cdbs cowbuilder deluge clive ncmpcpp xul-ext-firebug ruby-compass
morituri atomicparsley picard basilisk2 melt monkeysphere pandoc signing-party sm tshark

Network use

Used on administered hosts - i.e. (not so much by self as) by networks of friends and clients:

netatalk backupninja dovecot postfix etckeeper calendarserver asterisk mpd mpd-sima planet-venus shorewall spamassassin
scribus libdancer-perl electricsheep gimp ikiwiki inkscape pyroom python-moinmoin
sucrose-0.88 gobby