John Scott

Debian Contributor


Email: (OpenPGP AB181FDB41DD41C4)

IRC: pert ( and OFTC)


I'm a fellow in the Midwest US in pursuit of mathematical and technical trickery and cleverness. I've been primarily triaging bugs for the past few years and have lately been ramping up my contributions to Debian.

Some things I really like

In the past year my limited work on packages has mostly been on fixing release-critical bugs that look like my low-hanging fruit. I'm the maintainer of open-ath9k-htc-firmware, libre wireless firmware for ath9k_htc USB adapters that gets totally built from source! I'm working on doing the same for carl9170, having packaged the necessary cross toolchain.

Low Threshold NMU's

Low Threshold NMU's of packages I maintain to fix issues that need not be release-critical are allowed. However, many of my packages are maintained in teams, and it's polite to let the team and myself take a stab at a problem before making an upload.