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 * https://gna.org/projects/jizo/  * --(https://gna.org/projects/jizo/)--
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== important information ==
Project is closed. [[https://web.archive.org/web/20170516193536/https://mail.gna.org/public/project/2016-11/msg00001.html|The end of Gna?]]

Debian > CustomDebian

Jizo is a debian-based GNU/Linux distribution, but with ease of use in mind.

It will be media oriented, easy to use and ergonomic for a beginner. We will write a list of tasks, and for each one choose one and only one software to go into the distribution. This way, we aim to ensure that the user isn't lost in too many stuff around, and that everything works out as expected right out of the box. Of course, if after a time installed software doesn't suit you, you'll be very welcome to replace them with your own. You're not on Windows(tm) here ;)

Instead of giving big cd images to download, we will give you a small package with what you need to build your own cds from a debian mirror. Or, on demand, we will send you copies with printed manual for a modest contribution.

important information

Project is closed. The end of Gna?