Note: This page is out of date, and I will update it to be current when I get around to it.

Hi everyone. My name is Jimmy Kaplowitz, and my Debian-related email address is . I have been a DebianDeveloper since May 2001, a DebianUser since September 2000, and a ?LinuxUser since August 1998. I maintain the althea and althea-ssl packages for Debian, in the mail and non-US sections, respectively. I hope to pick up more packages soon.

DebianDeveloper:jimmy - - -

In real life, I live in New York City and am taking a year off between high school and college. Since 1999 I have worked at, a local ISP. When I started there I did Windows technical support, but since 2000 I have been doing assistant system adminstration, programming, and various other odd jobs.

I hope to contribute much more to this wiki and to Debian. One project I intend to start soon, at the prompting of a coworker, is a basic primer or introduction to Debian. It would cover such things as all the packaging tools, the mailing lists, how to set up certain common things, etc. I may turn it into a HOWTO and submit it to the Debian Documentation Project, but if it turns out well I would like to include it on Debian ?CDs. If anyone would like to help with this, please email me. It hasn't been started yet, as of August 14, 2001.

I will probably turn more of this page into WikiNames at some point.