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DebianPkg:pinta is a small, but powerful paint.

DebianPkg:streamripper rips audio streams into files.

Debian on old or slow computer

Consider using OldStable instead of Stable. Add Backports to your repos to get more software. Debian 6.0 (squeeze) will get a special Long-Term-Support (LTS) for i386 and amd64 until February 2016. Some packages won't be supported. ?A list of links for squeeze lts.

Replace websites with special software

Use youtube-dl -f fmt (e.g. 36) to download videos from Youtube and play it with mplayer or vlc. The english Wikipedia article has a list of supported formats. youtube-dl is in the Backports.

If your computer is too slow for iceweasel showing OpenStreetMap, try foxtrotgps.

xbmc or xbmc-standalone (xbmc with X but without a window manager) with radio, youtube or Mediathek plugin may or may not be useful for old computers (xbmc requires 24bit colors).


claws-mail (former Sylpheed) is a small mail programm with the look'n'feel of thunderbird/icedove. It features pop3, imap, smtp, spam-filter, encryption and plugins. clawsker is an extra utility for configuration.

dradio is a terminal based frontend for mplayer. It plays the preconfigured danish radio and TV channels. You can configure your own channels in ~/.config/dradio/menu.xml . The config file format is described in dradio(5).

pinta is a small, but powerful paint.

streamripper rips audio streams into files.


If you can watch small videos only, recode videos with: nice -n19 ionice -c3 mencoder -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:vcodec=mpeg2video:abitrate=128:autoaspect -of mpeg -vf scale=360:-2 -o small.mpeg big-source.avi

Make use of ionice (package util-linux). The CFQ has to be the active io scheduler in kernel. Example: nice -n19 ionice -c3 aptitude update