How to use the youtube-dl version from the homepage with your /home/user/bin dir.

The binary

cd #change to your home dir
#If ~/bin exists, leave the next line out
mkdir bin && source ~/.profile #create ~/bin and run ~/.profile to have the dir in the $PATH
cd bin
chmod a+rx youtube-dl

for daily updates for the binary add the following line to your crontab with crontab -e:

man page

mkdir man
mkdir man/man1 && source ~/.profile
cd man/man1
#install pandoc for formatting the man-page
#e.g.: become root; apt-get install pandoc
echo -e "% youtube-dl(1)\n% Daniel Bolton\n% `date "+%Y-%m-%d"`" > #create a file with a pandoc title block for the pandoc_title_block extension
sed '1,/download.html/d' > # remove installation section
pandoc -o youtube-dl.1 -s -t man # create the man page from header and body
rm youtube-dl-pandoc-*.md # remove the temp files
gzip -9 youtube-dl.1 # compress the man page
#INSTEAD of gzip you can use zopfli, if you have installed it
zopfli --i10000 youtube-dl.1 && rm youtube-dl.1