slsc is a spreadsheet calculator like sc . slsc was removed from Debian once. It has been resurrected and the version pre0.3.0-2 compiles in Debian Wheezy.

libslang2-dev is needed for compiling.


/ Menu 
  cursor to move, return to select
  OR select by first letter

? Help (for further help see section help below)
  First letters of a topic+Enter are enough
  Enter to go back

mark region ends with CTRL+G (if you use dvtm, you may have to escape it with CTRL+G, CTRL+G)

Start a text/Enter in a field:
  < or > to align a text field to left or right and enter text
  = to enter a number or a formula
  TAB to edit the text of a cell
  Backspace (<-) do delete the cell content

The config file is ~/.slscrc . In the src directory it is slsc.rc