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 * Package: (insert package name here)
 * Version: (insert the version of the package here)
 * Package:(insert package name here)
 * Version:(insert the version of the package here)

If you want to report bugs by mail and not by using reportbug you can click on the mail link below to have draft. More details can be found here.

A more human-readable version is below. The layout differs.


  • submit@bugs.debian.org

  • subject=packagename: describe problem here
  • body=
  • Package:(insert package name here)

  • Version:(insert the version of the package here)

  • Please include in your report:
  • The exact and complete text of any error messages printed or logged. This is very important
  • Exactly what you typed or did to demonstrate the problem.
  • A description of the incorrect behaviour: exactly what behaviour you were expecting, and what you observed. A transcript of an exampl session is a good way of showing this.
  • A suggested fix, or even a patch, if you have one.
  • Details of the configuration of the program with the problem. Include the complete text of its configuration files.
  • Include any detail that seems relevant - you are in very little danger of making your report too long by including too much information. If they are small please include in your report any files you were using to reproduce the problem (uuencoding them if they may contain odd characters etc.).