Contribution Tasks

Update the following packages (add your name next to the package before you start to avoid more than one person updating at same time)

Project Tasks

We need to test autopkgtest failure and rebuild failure for both nodejs and webpack.

autopkgtests are already known



For rebuilds, use Packaging/ruby-team-meta-build


  1. Find list of packages to fix
  2. See if new upstream versions are available
  3. See if new upstream version works
  4. Report bugs in debian
  5. Forward bugs upstream
  6. Fix packages and forward patches

Working with chroot

We basically have two separate chroots

  1. debian-sid
  2. unstable-amd64-sbuild

The first one (debian-sid) is always for local development and is an unclean chroot having side-effects. The other one (unstable-amd64-sbuild) is for clean builds as it is a clean chroot.

If we manually installed anything in the clean chroot it becomes unclean also.

Building Webpack 5

There are two options to consider when building Webpack 5.

  1. We either go through the manual work of modifying the debian/control file of individual reverse dependencies of Webpack 5 by adding webpack >= 5~ to make it test with Webpack 5 or,

  2. we make an exception by just building Webpack in an unclean chroot which would mean installing Webpack 5 in our clean chroot, thereby making it unclean. This will make Webpack 5 available to all reverse dependencies and will be used for their builds.

The first option involves a lot of manual work, modifying the debian/control file of all reverse dependencies. For example testing node-axios with Webpack 5 would mean adding webpack >= 5~ to its debian/control file. To make this easier we choose the second option, which is an exception that permits us to build in an unclean chroot just for Webpack 5. If chroot already has Webpack 5 then every package built using that chroot will use the chroot's installation of Webpack rather than installing Webpack 5 for each reverse dependencies, they all just use the global installation in the chroot.

Usually, sbuild will install only packages mentioned in build depends of debian/control file of each package in a clean chroot. But since we can't do the manual work of pointing the version of webpack in build depends of each package to 5. We install Webpack 5 in the chroot ourselves.

So we should discard this chroot and recreate a clean chroot after we test webpack 5.

Notes for webpack 5 porting

If a package wants to use webpack.config.babel.js, then it needs to add @babel/register in debian/nodejs/extlinks. TODO: patch webpack to look in /usr/share/nodejs for @babel/register.

[webpack-cli] Unable load 
[webpack-cli] Unable to use specified module loaders for ".babel.js".
[webpack-cli] Cannot find module '@babel/register' from 
[webpack-cli] Cannot find module 'babel-register' from 
[webpack-cli] Cannot find module 'babel-core/register' from 
[webpack-cli] Cannot find module 'babel/register' from 
[webpack-cli] Please install one of them
[webpack-cli] Error: Unable to use specified module loaders for ".babel.js".

Need Help

Packages listed below are failing and seems harder to fix,

others - these could be removed if not fixed