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All Tasks:


Nowadays npm offers hundred of packages which are not currently in Debian.

It's really easy start work on some module and then discover that it depends on dozens of no-packaged-for-debian modules.

To well organize your work we suggest you to create a new Task page as subpage of this where address your current working status.

Create a new task

We like optimization, so do not be afraid. To create a new page please use this script: js_task_create.py (Now maintained in alioth)

Here a example:

python js_task_create.py ws

It will create a file called js_task_page with the content of new Wiki Task Page. Then you have just to copy and paste content to a new Wiki Page. We encourage you to use a subpage of this one, see current opened tasks for more info.

Edit a task page

You do not have to worry about MoinMoin syntax. To edit a Task Page just use this script: js_task_edit.py (Now maintained in alioth)

It will help you to edit a current task and will paste in your clipboard the new content. You have just to paste it in the browser, the script takes also care about open the correct page.

For more information use --help option.

Opened Tasks

This is the current list of opened Tasks:

  • /npm: Packaging of latest npm (5.x)

  • /electron: Install prebuilt electron binaries for the command-line using npm (it has to go to contrib)

  • /Express4: Express 4.0

  • /Jade: Jade template engine

  • Browserify: browser-side require() the node way

  • Statsd: Statsd

  • nodeunit: nodeunit

  • pump.io: pump.io

  • lineman: A grunt-based project scaffold for HTML/CSS/JS apps (very large)

  • lineman-angular: A Lineman plugin for Angular projects

  • grunt: A JavaScript Task Runner

  • gulp: A JavaScript Task Runner

  • GitLab: frontend of GitLab 9.x

  • yargs

  • lcid:Mapping between standard locale identifiers and Windows locale identifiers

  • jison: A JavaScript parser generator

  • livescript: A language that compiles to JavaScript

  • grunt-release: Release a new version of your Node-based project

  • keybase: the keybase.io client (deprecated upstream)

  • ?openlayers: OpenLayers 3

  • Mapbox Studio Classic: Design radically custom maps and datasets powered by vector tiles (note: original mapbox-studio module is now called mapbox-studio-classic).

  • Vega: visualization grammar

  • babel-cli: Babel command line

  • lerna: Tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages

  • tap: Tool for testing package (upgrading)

  • tape: Tool for testing package extending tap

  • yarnpkg: Fast, reliable and secure npm alternative

All Tasks: