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OpenJDK is Sun GPL'ed Java runtime. Some features (like Java Web Start or Java Plugin, not open-sourced by Sun) are provided by the ?IcedTea project.

Upstream projects

Bug triaging

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mailto request@bugs.d.o

user openjdk-{6,7}@packages.d.o
usercategory maincategories
 * Tasks of the openjdk-{6,7} package [tag=]
 + Need Porting [porting]
 + Icedtea Plugin [plugin]
 + Java Web Start [webstart]
 + Hotspot VM [hotspot]
 + Cacao VM [cacao]
 + Shark VM [shark]
 + Zero VM [zero]
 + Debian Specific [debian]
 + Uncategorized []
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usercategory openjdk-{6,7}-sort
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Tagging existing bugs

bts user openjdk-{6,7}@packages.d.o . usertags XXXXXX +plugin


bts user openjdk-{6,7}@packages.d.o . usertags XXXXXX +hotspot

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