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   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: Starts soon

 * Propose OpenJDK 7 as a release goal of Jessie
   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru
   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: [[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=openjdk-7-transition;users=ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com|openjdk-7-transition tag]]
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   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru    * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: [[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=720911|Bug #720911]]

Debian Java Goals

This page contains the list of things that the Java Team would like to finish within the given release. These goals are generally goals that either affects a lot of packages, may involve a lot of work or improve the Debian Java infrastructure.

Feel free to claim any goal without a driver; if you wish to help with a specific goal, please contact the driver of that goal.



  • Get ride of the explicit dependency on openjdk-6 for default-jdk
    • Matthias Klose proposes to remove packages needing openjdk 6 (and doesn't work on 7) from testing when it is possible
    • Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: openjdk-7-transition tag

  • Remove OpenJDK 6 as a release goal of Jessie
  • Debhelper integration for maven-repo-helper and maven-debian-helper
    • Jakub Adam and Wolodja Wentland provided a patch to fix issue on this package
    • Driver: Thomas Koch was: Ludovic Claude (Seems MIA), Status: in progress
  • Update the policy regarding maven. Maybe use the documentation for maven-repo-helper
  • Switch to maven 3
    • Driver: James page + Damien Raude-Morvan
    • see topic-maven3 in maven-debian-helper git
  • Remove *-gcj packages
    • except the one necessary for bootstrapping openjdk
    • at least ecj-gcj + libecj-java-gcj should be kept (ant-gcj?)
    • Driver: Damien Raude-Morvan
  • Start packaging of OpenJDK-8 package. It is expected to next March/April.
    • Should get ride of icedtea to use a plain openjdk (but keep the possibility to switch to other JVM)
    • start with current mercurial repository build daily ?
    • d/rules from scratch but keep the current package layout
    • Driver: contributions are welcome
  • Cleanup of maven-{repo,debian}-helper ?
    • Thomas Koch/Jakub Adam/Emmanuel Bourg have done great work to clean it
    • usage as dh sequence is ok
    • some bugfix still waiting
  • Move icedtea-plugin (or eqv.) into java-common source package
    • Driver: ?!
  • Install the Java sources into the -doc packages as a .jar
    • Our helpers should do that for us.
    • Driver: Thomas Koch
  • Get in touch with the policy editor to find out what to do with the Java Policy
    • Driver: Sylvestre Ledru


Dropped / Postponned

  • A Debian Maven repository
    • Driver: ?
  • A Debian OSGi repository
  • Allow Java Library Transitions (possibly) via a SONAME-like method.
  • Make jarwrapper installable and functional on non-Linux ports.
    • Driver: ?
  • Compile bytecode to native code post install (removal of -gcj packages).
    • Driver: ?
  • DEP-7

    • Driver: ?, Status: Draft