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   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: Starts soon

 * Propose OpenJDK 7 as a release goal of Jessie
   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru
   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: [[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=openjdk-7-transition;users=ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com|openjdk-7-transition tag]]
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   * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru    * Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: [[http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=720911|Bug #720911]]
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   * Driver: contributions are welcome    * Driver: contributions are welcome/Adnan Hodzic (cooperation is more then welcome)
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   * Driver: ?!    * Driver: Adnan Hodzic

Debian Java Goals

This page contains the list of things that the Java Team would like to finish within the given release. These goals are generally goals that either affects a lot of packages, may involve a lot of work or improve the Debian Java infrastructure.

Feel free to claim any goal without a driver; if you wish to help with a specific goal, please contact the driver of that goal.



  • Get ride of the explicit dependency on openjdk-6 for default-jdk
    • Matthias Klose proposes to remove packages needing openjdk 6 (and doesn't work on 7) from testing when it is possible
    • Driver: Sylvestre Ledru, Status: openjdk-7-transition tag

  • Remove OpenJDK 6 as a release goal of Jessie
  • Debhelper integration for maven-repo-helper and maven-debian-helper
    • Jakub Adam and Wolodja Wentland provided a patch to fix issue on this package
    • Driver: Thomas Koch was: Ludovic Claude (Seems MIA), Status: in progress
  • Update the policy regarding maven. Maybe use the documentation for maven-repo-helper
  • Switch to maven 3
    • Driver: James page + Damien Raude-Morvan
    • see topic-maven3 in maven-debian-helper git
  • Remove *-gcj packages
    • except the one necessary for bootstrapping openjdk
    • at least ecj-gcj + libecj-java-gcj should be kept (ant-gcj?)
    • Driver: Damien Raude-Morvan
  • Start packaging of OpenJDK-8 package. It is expected to next March/April.
    • Should get ride of icedtea to use a plain openjdk (but keep the possibility to switch to other JVM)
    • start with current mercurial repository build daily ?
    • d/rules from scratch but keep the current package layout
    • Driver: contributions are welcome/Adnan Hodzic (cooperation is more then welcome)
  • Cleanup of maven-{repo,debian}-helper ?
    • Thomas Koch/Jakub Adam/Emmanuel Bourg have done great work to clean it
    • usage as dh sequence is ok
    • some bugfix still waiting
  • Move icedtea-plugin (or eqv.) into java-common source package
    • Driver: Adnan Hodzic
  • Install the Java sources into the -doc packages as a .jar
    • Our helpers should do that for us.
    • Driver: Thomas Koch
  • Get in touch with the policy editor to find out what to do with the Java Policy
    • Driver: Sylvestre Ledru


Dropped / Postponned

  • A Debian Maven repository
    • Driver: ?
  • A Debian OSGi repository
  • Allow Java Library Transitions (possibly) via a SONAME-like method.
  • Make jarwrapper installable and functional on non-Linux ports.
    • Driver: ?
  • Compile bytecode to native code post install (removal of -gcj packages).
    • Driver: ?
  • DEP-7

    • Driver: ?, Status: Draft