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## page was renamed from DebianJavaReleaseGoals

Debian Java Goals

This page contains the list of things that the Java Team would like to finish within the given release. These goals are generally goals that either affects a lot of packages, may involve a lot of work or improve the Debian Java infrastructure.

Feel free to claim any goal without a driver; if you wish to help with a specific goal, please contact the driver of that goal.



  • Complete default-jdk-builddep -> default-jdk + gcj-native-helper split

  • Debhelper integration for maven-repo-helper and maven-debian-helper
    • Driver: Ludovic Claude, Status: in progress
  • DEP-7

    • Driver: Possibly Russ Allbery?, Status: Draft
  • Compile bytecode to native code post install (removal of -gcj packages).
    • Driver: ?, Status: Not started
  • Make jarwrapper installable and functional on non-Linux ports.
    • Driver: Niels Thykier, Status: planning-phase
  • Allow Java Library Transitions (possibly) via a SONAME-like method.
    • Driver: javatools maintainers?, Status: Not started/debated at DebConf10.

  • A Debian Maven repository
    • Driver: ?, Status: ?
  • A Debian OSGi repository
    • Driver: possibly Ludovic Claude and Niels Thykier?, Status: not started
    • Use of OBR? Fedora appears interested in OBR solution.

    • libmaven-bundle-plugin-java should help for all Maven-based build system

  • Enforce the well-documented classpath policy
    • Driver: ?VincentFourmond, Status: started

    • Write a series of classpath-related lintian checks 620829