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  * '''2th of February 2013''' - FOSDEM day 1, (perhaps a [[/LibreDinner|dinnee]]?)   * '''2th of February 2013''' - FOSDEM day 1, (perhaps a [[/LibreDinner|dinner]]?)

Free Java Developer Room at FOSDEM 2013

Join us for this year's theme: "Free Java Momentum"

Please join the most interesting and influential Java Developers from all sectors of the Free and Open Source Java world at Europe's premier FLOSS event: FOSDEM 2013

  • Why the Free Java ?DevJam?

    • This is the most significant non-commercial, neutral environment for Java developers to meet
    • Learn how to get involved in technical Free Java projects
    • You will meet historic hackers in the evolution of Free Java

  • Why FOSDEM?

    • Engage in scintillating discussions with smart hackers over world famous Belgian Beer

    • Join the Web of Trust by getting your strong key signed.

    • Indulge in exquisite chocolate

    • Visit historic Brussels within walking distance (and check out the spouses/partner's tour)

  • What should I do next?;

Duke Enjoying Belgian Beer

Free Java devroom sponsored by:




Key Dates

  • 12th of November 2012 - /CallForParticipation opens

  • 4th of January 2013, 23.59 CET - /CallForParticipation closes

  • 6th of January 2013 - Speakers notified on proposal acceptance

  • 10th of January 2013 - Official FOSDEM schedule finalized

  • 1rd of February 2013 - Meet in Brussels, Beer Event

  • 2th of February 2013 - FOSDEM day 1, (perhaps a dinner?)

  • 3th of February 2013 - FOSDEM day 2

  • 4th of February 2013 - return home

Meeting Details

Maps and Practical Information