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Call For Participation

NOTE: the CFP deadline ended at 23.59, 4th of January 2013, CET. See the list of accepted talks here

Welcome to the Free Java Developer Room at FOSDEM 2013 Call For Participation!

We encourage you to submit a talk idea for Java/DevJam/2013/Fosdem

Submit one (or more) 45 minute talk proposal(s) by the 4th of January 2013 (23.59, CET timezone).

We will notify all those submitting proposals about acceptance by the 6th of January 2012.

This year's theme is "10 Years of Free Java!". In particular we are looking for talks that cover (but those are just ideas, really, surprise us!):

  • Why Free Java technology is awesome
    • Virtual Machine
    • Universality: porting to new operating system / architecture combinations
    • Specialized hardware (e.g. large, mobile or embedded, ARM32 and the upcoming ARM64)
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Free Java
    • Extending the language/platform (invokedynamic, lambda, fork/join, jigsaw, etc.)
    • Dynamic languages such as Ruby, Scala and Clojure
    • Applications built on dynamic languages such as Rails, Lift, Ring
  • The future of Free Java
    • Building and growing the Free Java community
    • The role, governance and state of Free Java projects such as OpenJDK, IcedTea, GNU Classpath, Eclipse, Apache Harmony, etc.

    • Experiences with the JCP

To submit a talk proposal (and yes you may submit more than one), please compose an e-mail with the following information:

  • Title
    • Funny titles appreciated, but please do include the name of your project.
  • Abstract (at least two paragraphs)
    • If possible describe why Free Java is helpful or perhaps even essential to your project.
    • What the audience will learn from the talk.
    • How can people help out with the project, what feedback are you looking for?
  • Recording me on audio and/or video is
    1. acceptable under a CC-By-SA-3.0-USA license

    2. not acceptable
  • Brief Bio
  • Microblog URL
  • Blog URL

And send it to fosdem@developer.classpath.org (remove "NOSPAM."). Please, be sure to use TALK as subject of the mail.

For inspiration check out the awesome talks we had last year!

Please note: FOSDEM is a FLOSS community event, by and for the community, please insure your topic is appropriate (i.e. this isn't the right forum for commercial product presentations)

Duke Enjoying Belgian Beer

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