Libre Dinner

Every year we try to get the Free Java devroom group together for a fine dinner in Brussels. We are lucky because this year (again) we have a local Java hacker who is willing to help us with the restaurant details.

See below for details on the Restaurant, Menu and how to sign up!

Freedom is not Gratis

On Saturday 4th February as part of Java/DevJam/2012/Fosdem

Duke Enjoying Belgian Beer

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Red Hat



We will be dining at restaurant Chez Leon restaurant, in 18, rue des Bouchers B-1000 Brussels

This is within walking distance of Grand Place.

Entrées (one of)

  1. Bisque de Homard
  2. moules à l’Escargot
  3. tomate aux Crevettes Grises d’Ostende

Plats (main dishes, choose one of...):

  1. moules au Vin Blanc, Pommes Frites ou Lotte aux Poireaux, Pommes Duchesse
  2. steak flambé, sauce au Poivre et Pommes Frites
  3. Waterzooï de Poissons, Pommes Vapeur

Desserts (desserts, choose one of...):

  1. Gâteau au Chocolat
  2. truffe glacée au Chocolat
  3. Charlotte aux Fruits des Bois

Boissions (beverages):

  1. Boissons à volonté!

For our vegetarian friends, the menu consist of:

  1. La Flamiche aux Poireaux
  2. Le steak de soja, tomates Grillées, Haricots Verts, Pommes Vapeur
  3. La salade de Fruits Frais maison

Invitee List

Unfortunately the restaurant size is limited, so we will make seats available on a first come basis pending the replies from speakers. We regret if we cannot accommodate everyone's request.

Invitation will be sent via mail and extra slots will be given either on the mailing list or during the talks on Saturday.