Devroom Sponsors

We are seeking corporate sponsors for the Free Java devroom. The goal of this fundraising is to support a speakers dinner and, if possible, support travel sponsorship for speakers who request it.

Free Java DevRoom 2012 Sponsors

We are pleased to announce that so far we have two corporate sponsors for the Free Java devroom!

Red Hat


Sponsorship Details

Per the FOSDEM rules unless a sponsor is already an official FOSDEM sponsor the Free Java Developer Room sponsors will be recognized only in the context of our devroom (and not listed as an endorsed FOSDEM sponsor).

Corporate sponsors may be invoiced and wire funds to the European non-profit partner for Software in the Public Interest called FFIS.

For more information on sponsoring the Free Java Development Room please contact the organizers at (remove "NOSPAM.").

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Duke Enjoying Belgian Beer

Free Java devroom sponsored by:

Red Hat