Call For Participation

Welcome to the Free Java Developer Room at FOSDEM 2012 Call For Participation!

We encourage you to submit a talk idea for Java/DevJam/2012/Fosdem

Submit one (or more) 30 minute talk proposal(s) by the 23rd of December.

We will notify all those submitting proposals about acceptance by the 30th of December.

This year's theme is "Java Momentum". In particular we are looking for talks that cover:

To submit a talk proposal (and yes you may submit more than one), please compose an e-mail with the following information:

TBD -- list being created: And send it to by the 23rd of December (remove "NOSPAM.").

Please note: FOSDEM is a FLOSS community event, by and for the community, please insure your topic is appropriate (i.e. this isn't the right forum for commercial product presentations)

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