Proposed Talks

The Open source Java community goes well beyond a single project. In this devroom we intend to provide a forum for many related projects to exchange their experiences around implementing, improving and using open source Java implementations.

Like in previous years, there is an open call for submissions. If you want to talk about your free software and/or open source VM, some OpenJDK, GNU Classpath, etc. related project in the devroom, please add the title of your presentation, your name & affiliation and a short abstract in the format outlined below to this page.

Talk slots are either for 15 or 30 minutes. Like in the past years, we'll group related talks into blocks, in order to allow for some breaks between blocks of sessions. You can submit more then one proposal if you wish. If we run out of slots (happened a couple of times in previous years), not all submissions will get picked - so please try to make your submission sound like a great pick.

The call for submissions runs for four weeks until Sunday, January 3rd 2010. You'll know if your talk was picked by January 6th, 2010.

Title (Your Name, Your Affiliation)

A short abstract describing what the talk is about in a paragraph.

Or two paragraphs, if necessary.