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 1. Karl Helgason
  * [https://gervill.dev.java.net/ Gervill]
  * Located: Reykjavik, Iceland
  * Dinner: yes

Free Java Meeting

Let's meet in Brussels

The next meeting of the Free/Libre Open Source Software Java developers will take place in Brussels during [http://www.fosdem.org FOSDEM], February 7th and 8th in Brussels, Belgium.

In the past several years there were two main events around libre java for the GNU/Linux platform. The Fosdem "Escape the Java Trap" event organized by the GNU Classpath community, coordinating technical issues around implementing core libraries, compilers, tools and free runtimes. And "DevJam", a GNU/Linux distro packaging conference organized by Debian, but meant as a cross-distribution coordination meeting to set common guidelines for packaging java programs and libraries.

The goals of the Free Java Meeting will be:

  • TBD (your turn - it's a wiki)

Pointers to previous events


Pointers to current information









Lunch, sightseeing, dinner ?








A La Mort Subite


Ideas for talks:

Food & Drinks

Each year we try to find a suitable place to host a dinner on Saturday and/or Sunday evenings. Previous places can be found in the archives, new proposals welcome.



Interested Individuals

Add your name here if you are interested in joining. Please include your full name, email address, affiliation, if you need travel sponsoring (and estimated amount) and where you are traveling from. Please do indicate on which days you would be interested in joining dinner. The entries are numbered to make them easier to count.

  1. Who Are You? (Firstname Lastname, maybe a link)
    • Organization
    • Need sponsoring (How much?) (you can remove this line if you don't need)
    • Located in Town, Country (GMap link? ;-))
    • Joining dinner on Saturday (See the bottom of the list for the note about dinner)
  2. Dalibor Topic
  3. Jeroen Frijters
  4. Andrew Hughes
  5. [http://wiki.debian.org/DavidHerron David Herron]

  6. [http://langel.wordpress.com Lillian Angel]

  7. [http://jroller.com/neugens Mario Torre]

  8. [http://community.buglabs.net/kgilmer Ken Gilmer]

  9. David Gilbert
  10. [http://www.klomp.org/mark Mark Wielaard]

  11. [http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/betelgeuse Petteri Räty]

  12. [http://www.advogato.org/person/twisti Christian Thalinger]

  13. [http://blogs.sun.com/schmidtm Matthias Schmidt]

    • [http://www.sun.com Sun Microsystems]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Speyer, Germany
    • Dinner: yes
  14. [http://gbenson.net/ Gary Benson]

  15. Guillaume Legris
  16. Onno Kluyt
  17. Sebastian Mancke
  18. Robert Schuster
  19. Guennadi Liakhovetski
  20. Matthias Klose
    • Ubuntu, Debian, ?IcedTea, GCJ

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Berlin, Germany
    • Dinner: yes
  21. Clemens Eisserer
  22. Gabriele Svelto
  23. Rémi Forax
  24. Michael Starzinger
  25. [http://draenog.blogspot.com Robert Lougher]

    • [http://jamvm.org JamVM]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Chepstow, Wales
    • Dinner: yes
  26. [http://gwyddien.blogspot.com Phillip Lougher]

    • [http://jamvm.org JamVM]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Chepstow, Wales
    • Dinner: yes
  27. Ray Gans
  28. [http://blogs.sun.com/mr Mark Reinhold]

  29. Tuure Vuorinen
    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Helsinki, Finland
    • Dinner: yes
  30. Terrence Barr
  31. Nicolas Geoffray
  32. Karl Helgason