Free Java Meeting

Let's meet in Brussels

The next meeting of the Free/Libre Open Source Software Java developers will take place in Brussels during [ FOSDEM], February 23 and 24 in Brussels, Belgium.

In the past several years there were two main events around libre java for the GNU/Linux platform. The Fosdem "Escape the Java Trap" event organized by the GNU Classpath community, coordinating technical issues around implementing core libraries, compilers, tools and free runtimes. And "DevJam", a GNU/Linux distro packaging conference organized by Debian, but meant as a cross-distribution coordination meeting to set common guidelines for packaging java programs and libraries.

The goals of the Free Java Meeting will be:

Pointers to previous events









14:00 - 19:00





09:00 - 18:00




Agenda Ideas (preliminary). We've discussed (on IRC) about organizing the talks this year "horizontally" (i.e. by topic area) instead of "vertically" (i.e. by project). Even so there will still be project specific updates. Please add to or elaborate the ideas here. As the details get firmed up we will populate the program above with specific time blocks.

Food & Drinks

NOTE: Dinner events TBD

Overview map:

Grand Place area map:

ULB area map:


Beer Event

Dinner (TBD)


Lunch: sandwiches in or around ULB.

Dinner (TBD):



Lunch: sandwiches in or around ULB.

Dinner (TBD):


Reimbursements via SPI or FFIS TBD.

Interested Individuals

Add your name here if you are interested in joining. Please include your full name, email address, affiliation, if you need travel sponsoring (and estimated amount) and where you are traveling from. Please do indicate on which days you would be interested in joining dinner. The entries are numbered to make them easier to count.

  1. Who Are You? (Firstname Lastname, maybe a link)
    • Organization
    • Need sponsoring (How much?) (you can remove this line if you don't need)
    • Located in Town, Country (GMap link? ;-))
    • Interested in joining dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (copy only the necessary)
  2. ArnaudVandyck

  3. Mario Torre
  4. TomMarble

    • [ OpenJDK]

    • Sponsoring: not needed
    • Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    • Dinner: yes (who can organize this?)
  5. ?AndrewHughes

    • [ GNU Classpath] and [ JikesRVM] and whatever else takes my fancy ;-)

    • Sponsoring: Ideally, think it was about £250 last time
    • Located: Sheffield, UK
    • Dinner: Presumably, I guess I'll need to eat. Haven't weaned myself on to a Free Software diet just yet.
  6. MarkReinhold ([ blog])

  7. GaryBenson ([ blog])

  8. ?JeroenFrijters

  9. MarkWielaard

  10. Andrew Haley
  11. ?RobertLougher

  12. Robert Schuster
    • [ Jalimo]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: DE
    • Dinner: Of course. And beer! :)

  13. DavidHerron

  14. Sebastian Mancke
  15. Onno Kluyt
  16. Dalibor Topic
  17. Petteri Räty
    • [ Gentoo]

    • Sponsoring: plain tickets will be something like 200-300 euros
    • Located, Espoo, Finland
    • Dinner, sure (unless Gentoo people have something at the same time)
  18. Fabien Duminy
    • [ JNode]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Maisons-Laffitte, France
    • Dinner: yes for Saturday
  19. Guillaume Legris
  20. Petter Reinholdtsen
    • Debian / Debian Edu / Debian Java
    • Sponsoring: ~430 EURO
    • Located: Oslo, Norway
    • Dinner: yes
  21. Lillian Angel ([ Blog])

  22. Thomas Fitzsimmons ([ Blog])

  23. Richard Reingruber
    • [ SAP]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Heidelberg, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes.
  24. Volker Simonis ([ Blog])

    • [ SAP]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Heidelberg, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes.
  25. Rene Engelhard
  26. Rich Sands
  27. Christian Thalinger
  28. HenningSprang

  29. Audrius Meškauskas
  30. add your name here!

    • Project
    • Sponsoring: cost estimate
    • Located:
    • Dinner: