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1. Nima Riahi

* [http://www.spectraseis.com Spectraseis AG]
 * Sponsoring: Not needed
 * Located: Zurich, Switzerland
 * Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza + Gigotin + Red)
 * Steph Meslin-Weber ([mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk] nick:Stephmw)

1. Nima Riahi
  * [http://www.spectraseis.com Spectraseis AG]
  * Sponsoring: Not needed
  * Located: Zurich, Switzerland
  * Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza + Gigotin + Red)

Steph Meslin-Weber ([mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk] nick:Stephmw)
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 * Elmar Geese
1. Elmar Geese
Line 351: Line 353:
 * Steffi Tinder
1. Steffi Tinder
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 * Levente Sántha
1. Levente Sántha
Line 361: Line 365:
 * Peter B. Kessler
1. Peter B. Kessler
Line 366: Line 371:
 * Peter Barth
1. Peter Barth
Line 371: Line 377:
 * Katharina Soller
1. Katharina Soller
Line 375: Line 382:
 * Rémi Forax
1. Rémi Forax
Line 380: Line 388:
 * Ian Rogers
1. Ian Rogers
Line 385: Line 394:
 * Chris Gray
1. Chris Gray
Line 390: Line 400:
 * RomanKennke
1. RomanKennke
Line 395: Line 406:
 * Phillip Lougher
1. Phillip Lougher
Line 400: Line 412:
 * Ray Gans
1. Ray Gans
Line 405: Line 418:
 * Linda van der Pal
1. Linda van der Pal
Line 410: Line 424:
 * Sarah Woodall ([http://www.sarahwoodall.org.uk personal page])
1. Sarah Woodall ([http://www.sarahwoodall.org.uk personal page])
Line 415: Line 430:
 * Clara Ko
1. Clara Ko
Line 420: Line 436:
 * Simon Phipps
1. Simon Phipps
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 * Andreas Schuldei
1. Andreas Schuldei
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Free Java Meeting

Let's meet in Brussels

The next meeting of the Free/Libre Open Source Software Java developers will take place in Brussels during [http://www.fosdem.org FOSDEM], February 23 and 24 in Brussels, Belgium.

In the past several years there were two main events around libre java for the GNU/Linux platform. The Fosdem "Escape the Java Trap" event organized by the GNU Classpath community, coordinating technical issues around implementing core libraries, compilers, tools and free runtimes. And "DevJam", a GNU/Linux distro packaging conference organized by Debian, but meant as a cross-distribution coordination meeting to set common guidelines for packaging java programs and libraries.

The goals of the Free Java Meeting will be:

  • Clearing OpenJDK encumbrances
  • Increasing Java Ubiquity: working together across projects and platforms
  • Improve the distro packaging guidelines (filesystem layout, packaging inter-dependencies, browser integration, developer guidelines, etc.) used across GNU/Linux distributions for java libraries and programs.

Pointers to previous events


Pointers to current information

Saturday photos:








Lunch, sightseeing, dinner

Steph Meslin-Weber, Lillian Angel



?BrandWeg hacking session

Dalibor Topic, Ian Rogers, Andrew Hughes


Beer Event





Welcome to the Free Java Meeting

Welcome and introduction to the projects, people and themes that make up the Free Java Meeting at Fosdem.

After welcoming and introducing the people and projects in the room various people from GNU Classpath, OpenJDK and Sun will look back on the past year and try to look into the future. There will also be a short presentation on the OpenJDK Community Innovator's Challenge.


Welcome and Introductions

Tom Marble


The State of GNU/Classpath

Mark Wielaard


The State of OpenJDK

Mark Reinhold


The OpenJDK Community Innovators' Challenge

Rich Sands



Mobile Java

Take your freedom to the max! Make your Free Java mobile.

What if you want to scale up or down your VM or class library. Is it easy to switch between completely different "full" and "small" versions of the core class libraries? How do you make a VM as flexible as possible to adopt to the available resources and core classes? What has the Mobile and Embedded community been up to this last year?


VM interfaces: GNU/Classpath vs. OpenJDK vs. PhoneME

Christian Thalinger



Guillaume Legris


Mobile and Embedded Java

Ray Gans





Women in Java Technology

Female programmers are rare. Female Java programmers are even more rare. As female Java programmers ourselves, our interest in this issue led us to start Duchess, an organization to support and promote women in the Java industry and hopefully to encourage more to join.


Duchess, Ladies in Java

Clara Ko, Linda van der Pal








Hacking OpenJDK & Friends

Hear about directions in hacking Free Java from the front lines


OpenJDK Experiences

Roman Kennke


Mashups: [http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/BrandWeg ?BrandWeg], [http://icedtea.classpath.org/wiki/IcePick ?IcePick] In this talk, I will introduce ?BrandWeg and ?IcePick, which introduce new ways to make use of the availability of the OpenJDK source code. ?IcePick allows the language tools (javac, javadoc, javah, javap, apt) to be compiled separately using a simple autotools build system and used with either OpenJDK or GNU Classpath. ?BrandWeg represents the inverse approach to ?IcedTea of the OpenJDK/GNU Classpath combination problem; instead of taking OpenJDK and patching it with GNU Classpath, we patch up GNU Classpath with extracts from the OpenJDK source code base.

Andrew Hughes





VM Rumble, Porting and Architectures

There are lots of runtimes able to execute your java byte code. But which one is the best, coolest, smartest, easiest portable or just simply the most fun?

Various virtual machine hackers will each give a short presentation on what makes their runtime special and fun to work with. What cool things they have been doing this last year. What are their plans for next year. What can other runtimes learn from their experiences. And how can YOU help! The session will end with a general VM discussion.



Dalibor Topic



Robert Lougher



Peter Kessler



Ian Rogers



Christian Thalinger



Jeroen Frijters


Zero-assembler Port

Gary Benson



Chris Gray








Vert De Gris


A La Mort Subite



Distro Rumble

So which GNU/Linux distribution integrates java packages best? Find out during this distro shootout!

How do the various GNU/Linux distributions integrate java based libraries and applications into their packaging systems. How can we improve cross-distro packaging guidelines (filesystem layout, packaging inter-dependencies, browser integration, developer guidelines, etc.) used across GNU/Linux distributions for java libraries and programs?


Gentoo Slides: [http://dev.gentoo.org/%7Ebetelgeuse/GentooJavaFOSDEM%30%38.pdf http://dev.gentoo.org/~betelgeuse/GentooJavaFOSDEM08.pdf]

Petteri Raty



Tom Fitzsimmons



Michael Koch, Arnaud Vandyck



Matthias Klose



The Free Java Factory

OpenJDK and ?IcedTea, how are they made and how do you test them?

In the factory there will be discussions about functional testing and quality, an overview of the work of the client team and an overview of the transformation process that turns OpenJDK/HotSpot into ?IcedTea with some spicy applet, ?LiveConnect and Web Start support.


Functional testing and Quality

David Herron


Brewing ?IcedTea spiced with gcjwebplugin, ?LiveConnect and Web Start

Lillian Angel, Tom Fitzsimmons


What's going on with the OpenJDK client team

Igor Nekrestyanov



JIT Session: Discussion Topics Dynamically Loaded

Tom Marble

This block is reserved for elaborating on Free Java issues which have not yet had enough coverage. Want to hear about -- or talk about -- something the Free Java world and don't see a topic on the agenda? This time is reserved for late binding discussion.






Cool Stuff

Lots of examples of cool work in progress.

Real hackers show their work, how they do their work and where it takes Free Java next. Examples are gstreamer integration, graphics through the framebuffer, jnode a full os in java, ?NetBeans for ?HotSpot hacking and Jalimo bringing Free Java to maemo and openmoko devices.


Frame Buffer Toolkit

Steph Meslin-Weber, Guillaume Legris


Espresso Italiano: GConf integration, Sound and Open Media

Mario Torre


Fun with IDE's

Volker Simonis



Fabien Duminy, Levente Santha, Peter Barth


Jalimo - Slides: [attachment:jalimo-slides_fosdem2008.odp ODP] [attachment:jalimo-slides_fosdem2008.pdf PDF]

Sebastian Mancke, Robert Schuster





Java: Freedom, Compatibility and Community

How to combine the holy trinity of Free Java? Freedom, Compatibility and Community.

Java is Free! Now how do we keep it that way? How do we measure compatibity? What about this mysterious and non-free JCK? What is the future of the JCP process? Where does the community come in and how can you help?


The JCK: How it works, what it does; and GPL tools: jtharness & friends.

Onno Kluyt


Free Software Stack Compatibility Testing

Andrew Haley


The Future of the Java Community Process

Onno Kluyt


Fixing the JCP for fun and profit

Dalibor Topic





JIT Session: Free Java plans for 2008

Setting the agenda for Free Java 2008: community objectives for the next year, optimized on the fly



Food & Drinks

NOTE: Dinner Vert De Gris, Saturday 20:00 ~40euros/pp

Set Menu (~40euros/pp):?BR Starter :?BR Scarmoza (mozzarella fumée), compotée de tomates au pesto or Tartare de saumon aux aromates et condiments (Salmon) or Assiette de légumes gratinés au parmesan, parfumée à l’huile de truffe (veggie)

Main course : ?BR Spare-ribs caramélisés au miel et aux épices, maïs et salade de coleslaw (Honey spare ribs) or Gigotin d’agneau caramélisé aux épices et gratin de pommes de terre (Lamb) or Cabillaud rôti et moules cuites à la Leffe Blonde (beer cooked cod) or full veggie meal

Dessert :?BR Profiteroles

Drinks :?BR ½ Bouteille d’eau or Beer or Red : Merlot, Pays d’Oc 2005 or White : Chardonnay, Pays d’Oc 2006

Overview map:


Grand Place area map:


ULB area map:



Beer Event

Dinner (TBD)


Lunch: sandwiches in or around ULB.

Dinner: ?BRVert De Gris ?BR Rue des Alexiens 63?BR 1000 Brussels, Belgium?BR



Lunch: sandwiches in or around ULB.

Dinner (TBD):


  • Attention: this is for reference but it's not yet confirmed!

Reimbursements via SPI or FFIS TBD.

Interested Individuals

Add your name here if you are interested in joining. Please include your full name, email address, affiliation, if you need travel sponsoring (and estimated amount) and where you are traveling from. Please do indicate on which days you would be interested in joining dinner. The entries are numbered to make them easier to count.

  1. Who Are You? (Firstname Lastname, maybe a link)
    • Organization
    • Need sponsoring (How much?) (you can remove this line if you don't need)
    • Located in Town, Country (GMap link? ;-))
    • Joining dinner on Saturday (See the bottom of the list for the note about dinner)
  2. Mario Torre
  3. TomMarble

    • [http://openjdk.java.net OpenJDK]

    • Sponsoring: not needed
    • Located: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    • Dinner: oui! = Scarmoza + Gigotin + Rouge
  4. ?AndrewHughes

  5. MarkReinhold ([http://blogs.sun.com/mr blog])

  6. GaryBenson ([http://gbenson.livejournal.com/ blog])

    • [http://www.redhat.com/ Red Hat]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Bath, UK
    • Dinner: yes please (scarmoza, ribs, beer)
  7. ?JeroenFrijters

    • [http://ikvm.net/ IKVM.NET]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: NL
    • Dinner: yes (Saumon, Gigotin, Beer)
  8. MarkWielaard

  9. Andrew Haley
    • [http://www.redhat.com Red Hat]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: UK
    • Dinner: yes please (Scarmoza, Lamb, Water)
  10. ?RobertLougher

    • [http://jamvm.org.uk JamVM]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Chepstow, UK
    • Dinner: Saumon + Gigotin + Red
  11. Robert Schuster
  12. DavidHerron

    • [http://openjdk.java.net OpenJDK]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Mountain View, US
    • Dinner: Of course; Scarmoza, Lamb, Bouteille d’eau
  13. Sebastian Mancke
  14. Onno Kluyt
  15. Dalibor Topic
  16. Petteri Räty
  17. Fabien Duminy
    • [http://www.jnode.org JNode]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Maisons-Laffitte, France
    • Dinner: yes (Scarmoza + Cabillaud + Red)
  18. Guillaume Legris
  19. Petter Reinholdtsen
    • Debian / Debian Edu / Debian Java
    • Sponsoring: ~430 EURO
    • Located: Oslo, Norway
    • Dinner: yes
  20. Lillian Angel ([http://langel.wordpress.com Blog])

  21. Thomas Fitzsimmons ([http://fitzsim.org/blog Blog])

  22. Richard Reingruber
    • [http://www.sap.com SAP]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Heidelberg, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza, Gigotin, Merlot).
  23. Volker Simonis ([http://weblogs.java.net/blog/simonis Blog])

    • [http://www.sap.com SAP]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Heidelberg, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza, Gigotin, Merlot).
  24. Rene Engelhard
    • [http://www.debian.org Debian]

    • Sponsoring: 200 EUR
    • Located: Ulm, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes. (Saumon, Gigotin, Beer)
  25. Rich Sands
  26. Christian Thalinger
  27. HenningSprang

    • [http://www.debian.org Debian]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Hamburg, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes - Scarmoza, Gigotin, Red
  28. Audrius Meškauskas
    • [http://www.spectraseis.com Spectraseis AG]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Zurich, Switzerland
    • Dinner: Yes (Saumon + Gigotin + Red)
  29. Vlatko Davidovski
    • [http://www.spectraseis.com Spectraseis AG]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Zurich, Switzerland; Skopje, Macedonia
    • Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza + Gigotin + Red)
  30. Nima Riahi
    • [http://www.spectraseis.com Spectraseis AG]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Zurich, Switzerland
    • Dinner: Yes (Scarmoza + Gigotin + Red)
  31. Steph Meslin-Weber ([mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk mailto:steph@tangency.co.uk] nick:Stephmw)

  32. Elmar Geese
  33. Steffi Tinder
  34. Levente Sántha
    • [http://www.jnode.org JNode]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: RO
    • Dinner: Yes: tartare de saumon, gigotin d’agneau, merlot
  35. Peter B. Kessler
    • [http://openjdk.java.net OpenJDK]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Santa Clara, California, USA
    • Dinner: Yes: Salmon + Lamb + Water
  36. Peter Barth
    • [http://www.jnode.org JNode]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Passau, BY, DE
    • Dinner: Yes, Salmon, Lamb, non-alcoholic beverage (do we have a better option than water?)
  37. Katharina Soller
    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Bayreuth, BY, DE
    • Dinner: yes: full veggie
  38. Rémi Forax
  39. Ian Rogers
  40. Chris Gray
  41. RomanKennke

  42. Phillip Lougher
    • [http://squashfs.org.uk SquashFS]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Chepstow, UK
    • Dinner: Saumon + Gigotin + Red
  43. Ray Gans
  44. Linda van der Pal
    • [http://www.jduchess.org Duchess]

    • Sponsoring: Already taken care of
    • Located: the Netherlands
    • Dinner: Yes -- Salmon + Lamb + water
  45. Sarah Woodall ([http://www.sarahwoodall.org.uk personal page])

    • (Only attending dinner as guest -- I'm Andrew Haley's wife)
    • Sponsoring: Not needed, and will pay the full cost of my dinner
    • Located: Cambridge, UK
    • Dinner: Yes -- Legumes + Spare ribs + red wine
  46. Clara Ko
  47. Simon Phipps
  48. Andreas Schuldei
    • [http://www.debian.org Debian]

    • Sponsoring: unknown so far
    • Located: lübeck, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes - Mozarella, Vegitarian, Merlot


We can handle more people at the restaurant -- but you MUST have your name on below by Wednesday. All participants must plan on bringing 50 Euros (cash) at the door of the restaurant (those listed above are required to present 40 Euros).


  1. Who Are You? (Firstname Lastname, maybe a link... please provide e-mail or send it to tmarble (at) info9.net)
    • Organization:
    • Located in Town, Country
    • Dinner choice: { Scarmoza | Saumon (Salmon) | Legumes (Veggie) } + { Honey Spare-ribs | Gigotin (Lamb) | Cabillaud (Beer-cooked Cod) | full veggie} + { Red | White | Beer | Water }
  2. Fabio Massimo Di Nitto
    • [http://www.debian.org Debian]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Copenhagen, DK
    • Dinner: Yes - Scarmoza + lamb + water
  3. James J. Hunt
    • [http://www.aicas.com aicas]

    • Sponsoring: Not needed
    • Located: Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Dinner: Yes - Saumon + Cabillaud + Beer
  4. Sara Dornsife